Thursday, May 3, 2012

Would It Make a Difference?

Over the weekend, I've been perforce following updates from the Supernatural Jus in Bello 2012 convention in Italy. Why perforce, ask you? Well, since Doctor Who has no particularly exciting new updates lately -- and I duck spoilers from Steven Moffatt as if they were plague germs -- I've turned my Tumblr dash into a little shrine to the Winchesters. It's more fun than endless mourning of the loss of Rose Tyler, believe me!

Also, don't ask me why there's a huge, massively attended SPN con in Rome -- all I can say is that I see why it's relatively easy for them to get the whole damned cast to attend. :) Rome? April? Right after we wrap filming? In Canada? Gee...I don't know....which flight leaves earliest, guys?

And there's been lots of terrifyingly amusing stuff coming out of the con, I have to say -- it's not my normal style of fangirling, but it's kind of fun to watch other people do it. One of the things I've been noticing -- as other people follow Twitter accounts, Tumblrs and various panels and signing sessions and whatnot as if the cast were representatives of endangered species -- is that (and here I'm going to add myself in) we dive on any suggestion from the cast (or crew) that the interpretations of the show we like are also the ones they like.

For instance: this morning when I got up there was a post from someone on my Tumblr hailing the fact that Misha Collins (Castiel) had said something to the effect that he thought there was chemistry between his character and another recurring character on the show, Meg (I don't know who plays Meg these days). This particular person was overjoyed that "Meg/Castiel is real, you guys!"

Well. Okay. Yes. Fine.

Personally, I'm always way happier to see signs of Dean/Cas -- of which there were lots, let me tell you! -- but it's a fair question for either one of us: would it matter?

If Misha Collins and Jensen Ackles were to come out on stage and, in response to an audience question or totally unprompted be like, 'We don't know what the hell you guys are smoking but Dean and Cas? Are you kidding? Sober up and fly right, folks.' Yeah, okay, it'd be an 'oh darn' moment, but it would be quickly followed by an 'eh -- says you' moment because it wouldn't make a damn bit of difference to what you can see in the show between the characters.

I absolutely understand why folks go to these things -- or even look to the coverage from other fans -- for validation of their particular flavor in the show: "God, I knew that's why Sam did X" or "Ok, so X writer thought that was weird, too." It's totally awesome to have the creators of the show validate what you see in it! God knows I love it that the scenario I described above will never ever happen and, in fact, both actors pretty much slash their own characters for us.

But if they didn't -- it wouldn't make a difference to what I, personally (and apparently 9/10ths of the rest of the SPN fandom personally!) see in the show between Dean and Castiel. It's great to have back-up -- but I don't think we need it.

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